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Phillipa Gregory plus Sunday Funnies: Girl Vanishes in Outhouse

For all you Phillipa Gregory fans (The Other Boleyn Girl, The Kingmaker’s Daughter, etc), she’ll be having a live video chat over on Goodreads on Wednesday (Aug 29) at 1:00 pm Eastern time.  Here’s the Goodreads link to the invite.  I’ll be there – will you? Now, on to the other important stuff!  Our Sunday Funnies spotlight today is a candid-camera type prank, where the girl not only doesn’t come out of the outhouse, but the outhouse vanishes, too!  The looks on people’s faces are priceless.  Enjoy!  (ROW80 update is below.) And for the last important stuff of the day, it’s been a good week for me getting used to classes and especially getting a handle on my Shakespeare homework, but my very few ROW80 goals only get a 50/50: ~Write every day:  well, um, *looks at ceiling, out window, anywhere but here*, I only managed one day out of … Continue reading

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What Would You Write in Your Own Obituary?

I was supposed to blog about my ROW80 goals, but when I came across this, I knew writing goals would have to wait.  So I’ll ask the title question again:  if you knew, actually knew, that you were going to die in a few days, what would you write in your obituary? They used to ask us this questions to get us to think about our goals.  When your life is over, what would you like to have accomplished?  But this is different, and Val Patterson of Utah proved it. The 59-year-old was dying of lung cancer, and he wrote his own obituary a couple of weeks ago (he died on July 10, 2012).  But it wasn’t the standard life-accomplishments version – he included a few confessions, like the fact that his supposed PhD was actually a clerical error, and that he was the one who stole that motel safe … Continue reading

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Can a Writer’s Blog Really Help You Get an Agent?

You know the stories.  Julie Powell blogged about tackling Julia Child’s recipes each day, and ended up with Julie & Julia in a book and in the theaters.  Stuff White People Like got a book deal three months after it was launched.  And then there’s the parody blog & book, Options: the Secret Life of Steve Jobs, by “fake Steve Jobs.” But those deals were all turning the actual blog into a book.  Anything we hear about agents trolling blogs for promising writers seems like rumors and dreams. Until it happens to you. I got this message in my email a week and a half ago: Hi Jennifer:       I am a literary agent scouting on behalf of a major publisher for someone to write a book on a young adult topic. I found your blogs and wonder if you might have interest in hearing more. What’s that?  Someone found … Continue reading

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ROW80: Failure the First Week?

I just finished my first week of ROW80 goals (I started late), and I don’t think I’m doing awfully well.  Some real reasons, some excuses, and a bit of “I just don’t feel like it.”  But yesterday was good, and I’m carrying on, hence the on-time check-in.  (Did you notice that?  ON-TIME!) I haven’t figured out how to do Fabio Bueno’s green/yellow/red progress reports, so I’ll just put them in italics. Writing: Write 5 days a week, either 1,000 words a day OR at least one hour on plotting/editing.  Not good – only three writing sessions the whole week!  BAD Jennifer! Social Networking: Blog twice a week, plus ROW80 check-ins.  So-So – two blogs, but only one check-in. One blog a week on Jen’s Writing Desk. Accomplished! Tweet or comment on at least 10 other blogs per week.  Accomplished! Health:   Follow re-hab instructions after foot surgery. Easy – build up … Continue reading

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I’m B-a-a-ck! (And Setting Writing Goals)

OK, writer friends, first I need to apologize.  Between the holidays, keeping my personal blog going, and taking some long trips to Oregon, not to mention my brain getting sucked away for alien study (hmm, study by aliens or study because I am one?), I haven’t posted here since before Christmas.  But thanks to a little thing called ROW80, I’m back. What the heck is ROW80? you ask.  Begun by the awesome writer Kait Nolan (check out her book Red), it’s “the writing challenge that knows you have a life.”  ROW80 stands for Round of Words in 80 Days.  You get to set writing goals, blogging goals, and whatever other goals you like (health/exercise is popular).  You check in twice a week for accountability, and if you can, you go cheer on other ROW80’ers. The whole thing lasts just less than three months, and there are four rounds per year.  … Continue reading

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