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I’m in a Blog Scavenger Hunt – Win a Kindle!

Fellow blogger Samantha Warren is having a blog scavenger hunt to celebrate her 30th birthday, and I’ll be part of it, both here and at Jen’s Writing Desk.  To participate, go to Samantha’s blog (click on the picture above) where you’ll be directed to different blogs each day.  She’ll tell you exactly how it works, but the gist is that you’ll have to search for the answer to a particular question on each blog, and then report back to her.  She has several prizes, but the person with the most correct answers will win a Kindle Mini! (Hmmm, can I do it too?  Have to check the rules!) In addition to Samantha’s fun, I’ll be providing two prizes of my own.  Here at JenniferJensen, you can win a copy of Susan Wiggs’ lovely book, The Goodbye Quilt.  (Click here to read an excerpt.)  Over at Jen’s Writing Desk, you can … Continue reading

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