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Spring, Glorious Spring!

It’s no secret that spring is my favorite time of year.  After months of bitter cold or dreary skies, the colors bursting forth bring joy to my soul. Here’s what’s been happening in my garden:                           We  topped 80 degrees yesterday, and I suspect that summer will start early.  Spring bulbs will give way to summer flowers (already coming up), but I’ll miss this part of the seasons waking up. What’s your favorite part of spring? The sun? The scents? The color? Or are you, like a transplanted Southern friend of mine, still longing for the heat of midsummer?

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Spring Flowers, Summer Weather, and No Stitches!

Does your family have a rule about the earliest date the air conditioning can get turned on? I am always determined not to do it until June, but usually May has some hot days and every year I break my rule.  But March?  MARCH?? Spring is finally officially here, after a week of record-breaking heat in the low-mid 80’s, when we ought to be either freezing in the snow or having lovely, sunny, 65-degree days instead.   I’ve sat here with windows open, ceiling fans running, and loving the sunshine.  But I’m HOT! On the other hand, I’m also loving the spring flowers, and the chance to just sit and look at them.  Hyacinths that came with the house are in full bloom, and the daffodils and tulips I planted in January are not only coming up, but the daffys are actually blooming after only two months in the ground.  … Continue reading

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