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There’s Sunshine on My Blog Today!

I was wowed last week by author and blogger extraordinaire Suzanne Stengl when she passed the Sunshine Award on to me.  Well, to ten of us, but who’s counting? So yes, in the midst of Midwest clouds and thunderstorms, the sun also shining! The rules of the Sunshine Award are: •    Include the award’s logo in a post on your blog. •    Link to the person who nominated you. •    Answer the 10 questions below. •    Pass the award on to ten (or however many you want) “Sunshine inspiring” bloggers. Ooh – does that mean I inspire sunshine? Cool! Here are the questions, along with as many answers as I’m able to come up with: Favorite Color:  I used to say “blue” automatically, but it seems to have morphed to purple.  Or red.  I’m wearing a lot of those these days (although I’ve got a few years to go before … Continue reading

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Red for Life!

I just changed into a red shirt, so now I can write this. My father had congestive heart failure.  My grandmother had a quadruple bypass in the early days of such things.  Other relatives have had heart attacks or live with other heart issues.  And yet I worry that if I had a heart attack, I wouldn’t recognize it. I know that symptoms for women – shortness of breath or an aching jaw, among others – can be very different than the left arm pain that many men get, but they can be so vague it’s easy to pass them off as something else. So in honor of National Wear Red Day, I’m sharing a video that’s not only fun, but will help me (and hopefully you) remember: Today (February 1st), the American Heart Association is asking everyone to wear red to help spread the word.  (February is their Go … Continue reading

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