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Time, Habits & Investing: Are We Undermining Ourselves?

Like most of the world, my life is filled with good and bad habits, which lead to good and bad situations.  Awesome things like writing a book or helping someone through a tough time are inevitably counterbalanced by things like a chaotic house or the pressure of not enough time. A recent blog post by social media guru Kristen Lamb really struck home with me, not just with writing, but with many of my daily frustrations.  Here’s an excerpt, with Kristen’s text in green: Are We Undermining Our Own Writing Success? I rarely reread books, namely because there are so many new titles I want to consume and only so many hours in the day. But, there are a handful of books I read and reread namely because they are areas I struggle in and so reinforcement is tremendously helpful. The three books I seem to cycle through the most are … Continue reading

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Writing When You’re Overwhelmed

This isn’t an article about finding snippets of time to write in an already busy schedule.  That’s a very common, on-going situation for many of us, and I’ll write about it later.  But sometimes life throws you a curve, or two, or three.  Not only is any semblance of a writing schedule gone, but so is the ability to be creative.  The mind is simply overwhelmed by a crisis. I’m in that situation now.  Re-settling in the US, buying a house, and helping a dear friend re-start a consulting business after her recent widowhood leave me brain-weary sometimes.  I sit down to write, and my mind just has nothing creative to give. I found a solution yesterday that meets the need of working on my novel daily, but didn’t pressure me and my lack of creativity.  This particular novel began during National Novel Writing Month, and there are a couple … Continue reading

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