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Network Security Infrastructure

Network security infrastructure provides several levels of protection to prevent MiM attacks:The Cisco ASA Firewall and ASA security policies can protect filtering and ACL mode devices from malicious or unwanted applications by blocking incoming packet filters or ACLs, respectively. When using the Cisco ASA firewall to secure filtering and ACL mode devices, the user must be aware that it can occasionally fail to log in to the firewall (a known issue). For these cases, Cisco recommends using the Cisco ASA Config console to enable secure configuration for filtered and ACL mode devices. For more information about how to configure the ASA firewall for secure configuration, visit ASA Configuration Secure Configuration, for more protection there are also other options like using a VPN, if you don’t know you can learn what is a VPN online. You can learn here to connect to multiple clouds including Azure which has a capable suite … Continue reading

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